Will you be our first Winner?

At Union Pediatrics, we are always trying to find innovative ways to increase patient engagement.  Introducing our Patient Loyalty Rewards Program.....

Union Pediatrics is excited to announce our Patient Loyalty Rewards Program.  The first of its kind in the greater Cincinnati area, the program rewards parents and teens and children with chronic disease.


And the best part of all, collecting stamps is not only easy, but fun!


Stamps are collected in the office on a smart phone.  Download the free app, Stampme, available for both Iphone and Android devices.  When you come into the office, your phone is “stamped” the appropriate number of times.  After 20 stamps, you're entered into a gift card drawing.


How easy is it to collect stamps?  Bring your Insurance card to each visit-get a stamp; “like” us on Facebook-get 3 stamps; sign up for our patient portal-get 3 stamps; make sure your child comes in for all of their regularly scheduled well visits-get up to 5 stamps!


And if you're a teen, you get your own drawing.  How can you collect stamps?  Follow us on Twitter-get 2 stamps. Sign the “It can wait” don't-text-and-drive pledge and bring a copy to our office-get 3 stamps.  Get your Hepatitis A vaccine and HPV vaccines-get 3 stamps for EACH shot!  And come in for your yearly well exam-get 5 stamps.  


These are just a sampling of ways to get stamps.  


As an added bonus, the first 5 established patients to respond to this story will get 5 points.  If you are a new patient that transfers into our practice, and you mention this story, you will receive 5 points.*


There's a saying, “You can't win if you don't play.”  Start playing Monday, February 17th.  



*For potential new patients, Union Pediatrics is a “100% vaccinate practice.”  Therefore, if you plan on refusing, or have chosen to refuse, vaccinating your child, we are not the right office for you. As medical professionals, we feel strongly that vaccinating children on schedule with currently available vaccines is absolutely the right thing to do for all children and young adults.